Week 6 Complete!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Only 3 more weeks to go. WHAT IS LIFE ANYMORE I DON’T EVEN KNOW.
First I want to share with you all some really hilarious and crazy news.
We’ve all known that for 19 years of my life, I’ve been the second worst singer in the family. Sorry Danny. BUT. Guess who got asked to sing in a SPECIAL CHOIR FOR 171 NEW MISSION PRESIDENTS + THE QUORUM OF THE TWELVE + THE FIRST PRESIDENCY? Yes, also the second worst singer in the family. Sorry Danny.
BUT GET THIS. Wanna know why/how I was chosen??? SO a few weeks ago during choir practice (the choir that everyone can go to), Brother Eggett, the director, passed around slips of paper to sign up for this special choir. He could only take 40 missionaries. So I signed up, because WHY NOT. I put my name down, said that I had never sung in an organized choir before, and that I could read music well because I played the piano. I didn’t get chosen, which I figured would happen. There’s like 20000 missionaries here. BUT, 2 weeks later I walk into class and Anh Ca , who is an amazing singer and got chosen, said “Chi Graviet, Brother Eggett needs more people for the choir so I put your name down because I figured you could sing since you can play the piano well.” I about died because that’s hilarious. I told him “Okay well I’ll do it if he asks me to, but I’m not a good singer.”
ONE DAY LATER. Chi Hyde comes up to me and says that Sister Bertasso has been looking for me everywhere, and then later my zone leaders get a call saying I need to report to the front desk ASAP as possible. So we go to the front desk and there is Brother Eggett, looking for me. He sits me down and explains that he wants to have me in the choir. And this is the LEGIT reason why:
“I was looking at the missionaries that we had selected one day, and I realized that they were all white. And I had this prompting that something wasn’t right. An all-white choir doesn’t represent the church accurately, but it just so happened that the best singers in the MTC right now are all white. We really need to add some diversity because this will be publicized and the church will get in a lot of trouble if we only show white kids. I know that you play the piano and other kids in the choir right now say that you can sing pretty good, so we really need you to join.” SO JUST LIKE THAT I’ve been added into some special choir among 40 missionaries that have been singing in choirs their whole lives. And we are going to perform next week. 3 songs and I have to memorize all of them - I’m in the alto section. This is probably the funniest thing that’s ever happened to me, I get recruited because I’m not white. So great. I’ll let you know how it goes next week.
So here’s what else happened this week…
Last Tuesday we went to the temple with Chi Hyde for the last time because she left for Indonesia yesterday. We did initiatories, and now I understand why Mom only goes when she doesn’t shower before. MY HAIR WAS AN ABSOLUTE GREASEBALL it was so nasty. I was cringing the whole time. 
Every Thursday we have our service hour, and last Thursday we did literally everything you could do to clean a bathroom: mopping, toilets, sinks, mirrors, sweeping, trash, EVERYTHING. Afterwards during class, Thay Long asked us what we did for service and so I said “Oh, chung ta tay sach ve sinh.” Which I thought it meant “Oh, we cleaned the bathrooms.” but turns out I said “Oh, we cleansed the bathrooms.” Which is just really awkward any way that you take it.
On Sunday I was called as the music director for our branch! This means that I get to choose the hymns each Sunday, arrange special musical numbers, and figure out who is going to play the piano. LOL.

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