Monday, September 26, 2016


Let's go in order.

Surgery - Wednesday night after our English Class, Chi Man Nghi and I went to the home of Elder and Sister Noorda (one of the senior couples here) for some ingrown toenail surgery! So glamorous, I know. Chi Man Nghi has had this problem for a long time now, and we are just barely getting around to fixing it! We we got to their apartment, Elder and Sister Noorda were all decked out in scrubs with the kitchen dining table covered with  tableclothes, syringes, and blades of some sort. Best part of the whole procedure was that when it was over, Sister Noorda brought out rice krispie treats for us. So here we are, sitting around the same table that Chi Man Nghi just had surgery on, eating dessert. Totally normal.

Spaghetti - Chi Man Nghi and I live as if we are freshmen at BYU again. Except for I had the Cannon Center and could eat whatever I wanted, and she ate Nutella sandwiches for every meal. So I'd say our meals here are worse than when we were freshmen at BYU.. Anyways, our most exciting meal this week was our creatively-made spaghetti: eggplant, sauce, and then those dry noodles that come in Ramen noodle packets (we cooked them, don't worry). So, if you ever want to make spaghetti but don't have proper noodles for it, have no fear. Boil up some ramen noodles and you're good to go. My mom would also be proud - I made some "breadsticks" by cutting up 2 slices of bread and sticking it in the toaster oven. You learn so much on your mission :')

Sustaining the prophet - On Sunday, Chi Man Nghi and I had the opportunity to teach Relief Society about sustaining our prophet and other church leaders! This was in preparation for General Conference, which will take place in Salt Lake City this weekend! Our prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, receives revelation from God to help guide and direct us - ultimately so that we can better our lives. There have been so many times that I have received things that I needed to hear through his talks given at General Conference, and I know that he truly is called of God. Everyone should tune in to General Conference on Saturday, October 1st, and Sunday, October 2nd! You can contact me or my parents for specific information (You're welcome for volunteering you, Parents). I'll also attach a link to where you can find out more :) General Conference isn't a blast of religious information that has no application to you if you aren't a member of the church. It really is a great time for you to receive advice and counsel on how you can strengthen your family's relationship, how you can feel better/more confident about yourself, how you can be more self-reliant. It's also a great time to bake lots of yummy food and pig-out in the living room while wearing your pajamas.

Viewing times/General Conference in general (hahaha, used general twice in one sentence, I'm sorry)-

Link to a talk from last General Conference, April 2016, just so you can see General Conference can apply to those outside the church, too :) -

The quote for this week would be.. "The xac cua em met qua!" This is literally translated into, "my body is tired." According to Chi Man Nghi, this isn't the proper way to say that. Because of all my little blunders such as this one, she has begun to compile a list called "KT PHRASES". You can tell that my Vietnamese is coming along great :')
Bowling in Vietnam!
Enjoying P (preparation) day and yes, wearing pants (as opposed to dresses and skirts)!

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