Week 4

Monday, September 26, 2016

So many things happened this week so this email is probably going to be very scattered. Xin loi khong xin loi. 
Turns out I really do need glasses. Not necessarily to improve my eyesight, but more just to protect my eyes in general. Anh Ca Staheli bought ice breakers the other day and he wanted us to try to catch them in our mouths. He threw one at me, and it smacked me right in the middle of one of the lenses. If I hadn’t been wearing glasses I probably would be blind right now. LOL.
The other day, Chi Cheney, Schley, and I went to the copying center to get Cheney’s patriarchal blessing laminated. The guy in front of us was laminating two pictures of these girls and it was THEE funniest thing ever! When they were finished laminating his pictures, he tried to like cover their faces with his hand really quick so we wouldnt see. it was great hahaha
Chi Cheney and I are trying SO hard to not get songs stuck in our heads, but it’s literally impossible. It’s been getting better, but now we are just going to start translating every song into Vietnamese so we can make the most of it and actually learn something. Right now we are working on Promise from Napoleon Dynamite, All By Myself, and Baby. I think we are going to perform one of these songs in a devotional. ;)
Every night we have a planning session from 9:00-9:15 ish. We start with a prayer and end with a prayer. On Friday night, I was saying the closing prayer when all of the sudden I felt someone smack me on the top of my head. I busted up laughing because I thought it was one of the Elders or one of our teachers who had done it, but it turns out that Chi Cheney’s hand had slipped and smacked me. It was great.
Now to talk about the mission conference.. Chi Hyde and I performed our song, and have been getting so many compliments ever since it’s insane. I didn’t even think anyone would recognize us after it. It was a little weird because we performed before the conference officially started.. Every devotional, we sing prelude songs until like 2 minutes before it starts. But for the conference, for some reason we stopped singing prelude songs at 9:22, and the conference wasn’t supposed to start until 9:30. After everyone stopped singing, the MTC presidency kept looking at Chi Hyde and I and just nodding. It took us like 2 full minutes to realize that they were trying to signal to us that it was our time to perform!! But we figured it out, and it ended up being really great. The MTC music director asked me to sign up for the accompanist list so that I can play for other people while I’m here.. He and Sister Bertasso might have already signed me up so we will see what happens.
After we performed, they started the conference. And President Bertasso got up and said, “That opening number was sung by Sister Emily Hyde, from Texas, serving in the Indonesia Jakarta mission. She was accompanied by Sister Hailey…..Graviet, from Idaho, also serving in the Indonesia Jakarta mission.” LOL. “okay”. -_-
Chi cheney and I have decided that we are going to carry mirrors with us at all times now. You have to be within sight and hearing of your companion 24/7, except for gym  time and bathroom, which can be a big pain (especially if your companion just needs to walk down the hall or something). If we have mirrors, we can just stand around the corner and still see each other. And if we yell, we will always be within hearing. We’re geniuses, I know.
As you guys know, everything here at the MTC is hilarious, but it’s only funny when at the MTC. So for gym time the other day, we played the funniest games with the Mongolians. One was Ninja Destroyer, that game where you can only make one move at a time and you have to try to cut off the arms of other people, and the other game was this frisbie game we made up, where we pretend the frisbie has razor blades on the sides so if you touch the rim that body party will get cut off. The whole time I was just thinking, “If anyone were to walk/drive by the field right now, they would think that we were handicapped.”
LAST NIGHT WAS SUBWAY NIGHT AGAIN. BLESS. This time I only had one sandwich. I’ve learned my lesson - no matter how good something is, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Unless it’s the gospel.
There’s one thing that I wanted to share with you guys that was said at the Mission Conference on Sunday. Sister Burgess, the MTC Relief Society President, gave us the advice of “focusing on what you CAN do”. I think it’s really easy to get discouraged when we compare ourselves to other people. But I think we have to remember that when we compare ourselves, we are comparing our weaknesses to someone else’s strengths. There are so many good things that we all can do, and it’s important for us to focus on those rather than on our weaknesses. Our weaknesses will become strengths if we have faith, but in the mean time we need to make the most of what we do have.
LOVE YOU GUYS. Tomorrow’s my one month mark, I think? HOLLA.
Love, Hailey

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