Week 2

Monday, September 26, 2016

WHATS UP WHATS UP. Week 2 down.
This week was pretty normal. We had to do a service project last Thursday, which was kind of rough. But it was nice to be wearing normal clothes. Chi Schley and I scrubbed toilets for an hour and 20 minutes… Best kind of service there is, am I right. This Wednesday we get to host missionaries!! I’m pumped. I can’t wait to tell the newbies that they’re going to hate their life for the first 3 days but then it’s all going to get better :’) I’m debating on whether or not I should only speak in Vietnamese to freak them out.. I don’t know that many words, especially conversational words, but I can probably just make some random noises and they won’t know the difference. 
Chi Schley is hilarious. She has a super thick Vietnamese accent, and is LITERALLY EXACTLY LIKE BA NGOAI. I’m not exaggerating in the least. She always mixes up words in english, so last week she ran around our room saying, “Master gave Robby sock - Robby free!!!” Instead of Dobby. LOL. She also sang, “Oh Tommy boy, oh tommy boy” instead of Danny Boy. HAHAHAHA. Funniest thing that happened though was this: All of the districts in our zone have some cool way of showing respect when they say hi to each other. For example, the Thai district claps their hands together in front of their face and says “Sawat di ka”. We, Vietnamese missionaries, don’t have anything like that. We just say “Xin Chao”. SO Chi Cheney, Schley, and I made up our own thing. We figured out that “Cai Moc” is shark in Vietnamese, so we’ve been telling everyone in our zone that to say hello REALLY politely is “Cai Moc”, and you have to clap your hands together straight above your head. So basically we’ve tricked everyone into saying “SHARK” and pretending that they have a fin over their head. It’s great. ANYWAYS, last night we were practicing teaching, and I was pretending to be the investigator. Chi Schley was closing the lesson and accidentally said, “Cam On, Cai Moc” (Thank you, Shark). It was the funniest thing, she got so embarrassed. 
I thought that story was hilarious, but you guys might not. That’s okay. I’ve learned how to adapt my humor to finding everything as hilarious, because there isn’t much to laugh at here at the MTC.
Anh Ca Staheli is hilarious. Sorry mom, I think I mispelled his name last time. Lindsay, his full name is Jacob Staheli. He is literally just like Tommy Boy. I’m not even kidding. It is hilarious because he always complains about his weight and says “I can’t eat junk food. And I am going running today.” And then we see him at lunch with two bowls of ice cream. HAHAHA. Speaking of ice cream, I’ve totally eaten junk food like 7 times since I’ve been here. Oh well, you win, Mom.

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