Week 1

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hahaha our branch president let us email home really really quick. Just so you know, my p day is on Tuesday, so I will send a REALLY LONG email home next week. Full of pictures too, don’t worry. Wednesday was kind of crazy, and yes dad, they literally threw us straight into a Vietnamese language class and the teacher didn’t say one word of English. He just laughed at me when he asked questions and I couldn’t answer (I didn’t even know he was asking a question). Crazy story, I forgot my missionary login all day on Wednesday but luckily I remembered it today so that I can access my email, LOL.
LOVE YOU GUYS (yeuo thoung)
I hope Andrew did well at track districts. Wish him good luck for me!!!!
Talk to you soon,
Chi Graviet
Tam Biet!

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