Week 5

Monday, September 26, 2016

Half way done with the MTC as of last Thursday. HOLLA.
So last Tuesday was when Elder Bednar came to speak to everyone at the MTC, and it was SO GOOD. Just to answer your questions right now, no I didn’t get to shake his hand. His grandkids had sung during the devotional, so right when it was over he went down to go talk to them and he didn’t visit with any of the missionaries sitting on the stand. I’m super bummed, but it’s fine.
The theme of Elder Bednar’s devotional was “One by One”. Heavenly Father knows us one by one and teaches us one by one. One thing that Elder Bednar said that really stuck out to me was this: “The first thing that was ever said in this dispensation was a name: Joseph.” For me, I’ve always skipped over this detail. But it really is amazing that the first thing Heavenly Father said to Joseph was his name. He knew him personally and knew his name without even meeting him. This just goes to show that every person on Earth is a valued child of God. Everyone is equally important, and Heavenly Father wants each of us to succeed. Another thing that Elder Bednar said was this: 
“By the power of the Holy Ghost, we will know that we are a ‘one’”. When I think about being a 'one’, it makes me realize that Heavenly Father truly does care about me. Everything that is important to me is important to Him, no matter how trivial it may seem to other people. I know that is the same for all of you, and for everyone else for that matter. Whatever is important to you is important to God, no matter what it is. We can’t be timid about asking for help just because we think it isn’t important enough - everything is worth taking up with Heavenly Father if it’s truly something we need help with. The challenge for me now is to see everyone that I serve as Heavenly Father sees them - as the 'one’. I need to teach according to their needs, no matter what they are, because I know that’s how Heavenly Father would teach them. 
Most of all, my favorite thing said was this: “There are no coincidences when on the Lord’s errand.” If we are doing our best to serve Heavenly Father, we will realize that everything happens for a reason. We have had certain callings for a reason because Heavenly Father knows that we need to help certain people. I was called to Vietnam for a certain reason. I don’t quite know why yet, but I know there is something that I need to do there or someone that only I can help. “What happens to me is what needs to happen to me.” Elder Ames (going to Mongolia) during our devotional review.
You guys should go read the full talk given by Elder Bednar online! During the devotional we sang the primary song that he wrote, “One by One”, so you should also give that a listen, it’s really good.

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