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Monday, May 29, 2017

This past week was filled with finding new investigators, studying at coffee shops, and receiving the best graduation announcement picture for my brother Andrew's graduation. I'll be attaching a picture of the grad announcement for your enjoyment. I hope you all have seen the movie The Three Amigos.

Chi Phuong and I went and studied at a coffee shop about 4 days this week. We were thinking that it doesn't make much sense for us to study all day locked up in our house when the vietnamese people are outside. So on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we packed up our stuff and studied at a coffee shop close to the church. It was a lot more fun than studying at our house, mainly because the chairs are comfier (comfyer? I don't know how to spell it. The chairs are more comfortable.) and also this particular coffee shop makes really yummy frozen hot chocolate. BUT we also were able to meet this AMAZING lady from Australia! She's Vietnamese, has lived in Australia for the past 11 years, and returned to Saigon for a quick vacation/visit her boyfriend. On Wednesday when we were planning our spiritual though for English Class, she approached us and asked if she could sit and talk with us. Turns out she had seen us at the coffee shop on Tuesday and really wanted to talk to us, but she was too scared to! So she was super glad that we had returned on Wednesday so that she could meet us. It was such an amazing experience! We were able to talk to her about temples, because that's what our spiritual thought was about, and she is now making plans to go visit the Melbourne temple when she returns to Australia! 

So, lesson learned. Good things come when you study at coffee shops that have yummy frozen hot chocolate. I encourage everyone to spend 3 hours at a coffee shop for 4 days out of the week and see what miracles come from it. Slightly joking.

Saigon is just getting hotter and hotter and the rain comes at the most random times. It makes biking a lot more exciting.

This week we also tried to set up an appointment with a referral from Taiwan. This Vietnamese woman just moved back to Vietnam, and so we called her and scheduled a time for this upcoming Tuesday to go visit her at her house. And then we found out that she lives in a province outside of Hanoi, so we would either have to leave right now to get there in time on our bikes, fly there on Tuesday morning, or hand her over to the sisters in Hanoi. We handed her over to the sisters in Hanoi.

Anyways, that's about all the updates for this past week! Thanks everyone for the fun emails and pictures, and have a great week!
Chi Phuong (Vietnamese Beyoncé) got baptized this week.

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