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Monday, May 1, 2017

There's more to the subject line if you stick around 'til the end of the email - Napoleon Dynamite

This whole week can be summed up by my experience on Saturday. Saturday I made the journey over to a hospital to get a booster for Japanese Encephalitis. After getting there, my companion and I waited for 2.5 hours before seeing the doctor - I got my height measured, weight taken, blood pressure taken, the whole 9 yards. Once we finally got into his office he took one look at my medical records and said, "You don't need any booster for this." I was definitely a bit frustrated because I had waited there for soooo long - half of our day was gone and I didn't even get the shot! My companion and I had two options: 1. Bike home when it was boiling hot, get home all tired and sweaty, and be grumpy. or 2. Go to a nearby American imports store and stock up on all the random american food you can't find any where else, such as Special K, wheat bread, and raspberry jam, and then go home when it's boiling hot, get home all tired and sweaty, but feast on American food to cheer you up. I no longer have any money in my wallet, if that helps you figure out when option we chose. 

So what's the point of that story? Well, sometimes in life we wait around for things, do all that we can to prepare for something special to happen, and then NOTHING HAPPENS. We get let down, the opportunity gets given to someone else, we miss our chance - basically we don't get the Japanese Encephalitis booster that we waited 2.5 hours for. When we feel like this, feel like we didn't get something that we deserved, we have 2 options: 1. Turn around, go back to where we started, and be grumpy about it, or 2. Find something good about your situation and make the most out of it (such as blow all your money on food you haven't eaten in 10 months. There may be a hole in your wallet, but at least your heart will be happy.)

One of my favorite sayings, something that my good friend Elder Duffy said to me recently, goes, "Come what may and love it." So that's my advice for this email, something that I struggle with and am still trying to apply - Come what may and love it. It'll be easier to love it when you have Special K, wheat bread, and raspberry jam. I promise.

In other news for this week, Thursday and Friday my companion and I flew to Hanoi for an exchange with the sisters there! This exchange was so special because I was able to be companions with Chi Trang, one of the investigators I taught who was baptized in October. She is an amazing member and an even more amazing missionary. Serving with her for the day was so surreal - so much fun! Because she's 29 this year, she's too old to serve a full-time mission, but she still volunteered to serve a mini-mission for 6 weeks in Hanoi. SHE'S THE BEST. 

The quote for this week would be, "Teach him the restoration". On our flight home, Chi Phuong and I were sitting next to a random guy. Chi Phuong engaged him in conversation, and since she was sitting in between me and him, I just leaned over and said, "teach him the restoration", and then proceeded to take a 2 hour nap until we arrived in Saigon. Basically, my trainee is the best ever and doesn't even need to be trained because she taught the whole restoration and a little bit of the plan of salvation, and we will be meeting with him on Thursday night to give him a book of mormon. So when in doubt, just teach the restoration and everything will turn out fine.
Hieu & I trading vehicles for the nigh.  Bike vs. Motorcycle!

Reunited with my BFF, Em Linh

Exchanges in Hanoi, Chi Tam, Em Linh, Chi Trang

Em Linh

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