Hey sister won't you come to the creamery...

Monday, May 22, 2017

The BYU folk dance team came to Vietnam for some performances. That line was in one of their songs. It was hands down the cheesiest (haha, get it, cheese) song I have ever heard in my life but at the same time it was nice to be reminded of the BYU creamery.

Every Sunday I play the piano during sacrament meeting. Because of the humidity, the wires in the electric piano get weird, and so currently the middle C note is going crazy. At the most random times the middle C will be 50x louder than any other note. It's a great wake up call for all those who are sleeping through sacrament meeting, but at the same time it's a really quick way to drive away the spirit. There's nothing that bothers me more than when I play that note and it goes off super loud because it ruins the hymn that I'm playing, so I've started to play around that note. Every time the music calls for a middle C, I just try to play a different note that would be a good harmony. Unfortunately, about 6 times out of 10 I forget and end up playing the middle C, which causes a HUGE noise and disrupts everyone's singing.

Why am I telling this weird story about the middle C note on a piano? Sometimes in life we have something about ourselves that we want to change. It could be having more patience, being more humble, not eating so much - anything. Sometimes we do all that we can to change that certain thing about ourselves, but 6 times out of 10 we fall back into bad habits and end up doing it again. We know it's something that we shouldn't do, and so we feel disappointed in ourselves that we aren't improving. Thankfully, Heavenly Father is much more merciful than the members in my branch who always laugh when the middle C goes off. Heavenly Father is aware of our weaknesses and of the things that we want to change. He is there to help us change those things in order to become more like Jesus Christ. And, for those 6 times out of 10 when we mess up, He has patience with us. He doesn't like, "Oh my goodness, this girl just repented of that sin LAST NIGHT and here she is doing it again." He knows that we are trying, and He is there to assist us all the way. https://www.lds.org/ensign/2011/11/the-divine-gift-of-repentance.p1?lang=eng

My apologies, this week I didn't take any pictures. But have no fear, I have tons of pictures from the 3D art museum a few weeks pack that I'll throw at ya. The work is picking up, our investigators are doing well, and I am still sweating like crazy because of this heat.
Trying to get referrals out of members...

When the random Saigon storms hit and only one of you has a rain poncho!

When you let your trainee do the training for the day

After companionship inventory, when you and your companion become one.

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