Monday, February 6, 2017

1 year ago...

1 year ago:

  • I wore my favorite black ankle boots which unfortunately have no traction
  • Because of my decision to wear boots that have no traction, I slipped on the ice on my way to my 9 am chemistry class
  • Because I slipped on the ice, my waterbottle fell out of my backpack. Luckily, a kind passerby returned it to me with a sweet "hey your bottle fell when you slipped on the ice back there"
  • I stood in line at the testing center for my PDBIO test
  • After the test, I turned my phone back on and realized I had a missed call from an unknown utah number
  • That number happened to be the Cannon Center front desk
  • The Cannon Center had called me because they HAD RECEIVED MY MISSION CALL

I cannot believe it has been a year since that day. Despite all of the trials that I've had, all the discouragement that I've felt, I know that Vietnam is the place where Heavenly Father needs me to be right now. I love the people here more than I thought I could, and every experience that I have had so far has taught me so much. I honestly could not imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't decided to serve a mission and received my call on February 1st, 2016. 

Other than this exciting milestone in my life, all is well in Hanoi, Vietnam. Tet is officially over, so everything has returned to normal. Last night was our transfer call, and unfortunately my companionship did not survive this time. I have served in Hanoi for 7 months with the same companion, Chi Man Nghi. She trained me and then tolerated me for another 5 months. She is being transferred down south for her last transfer (SHE'S GOING HOME AHH) and Sister Schley (my MTC companion) is going to come up North to serve with me. It is a HUGE change and it makes me very nervous if I think about it too much. She has been my only companion, so everything that I've done here I've done with her! But I am excited to work with Sister Schley again and to see what all will happen.

The quote for this week is also a great quote to live by: "Ăn sô cô la trước và sau đó ăn trái cây" which translates into "Eat the chocolate first and then we'll eat fruit", spoken by one of the members here, Co Huong. Here is another reason why I know I was destined to serve here in Vietnam. Where else would I have received such wonderful words of wisdom?

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