Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Ngày Tình Yêu

Happy Valentines' Day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you worry, I did get a Valentines this year. It came in the form of an adorable 12 year old boy that I met on the street. We bonded over the barbeque shrimp they sell on the corners. His name is Ha. No, it is not facebook official, but he did buy me food. 

Since Chi Thu Hong doesn't know the area in Hanoi just yet, and since I am the person that I am, we have been getting lost QUITE FREQUENTLY. On Tuesday we set off to go find the home of a woman that was referred to us - somewhere neither of us have been before. We had to go find street #279, but unfortunately we could only find #263 and #281... So the street we were looking for was somewhere in between, we just DIDNT KNOW WHERE. Long story short, we found the house. Only after going back and forth across the same bridge about 6 times and asking about 10 different people. It's okay - exercise is good for you. And so is talking to strangers. 

This week we received tons and tons of referrals - so many miracles! Normally we don't get too many referrals, but this week it all just came pouring in! Heavenly Father has a HUGE part in missionary work, and it is amazing to see what He does when we are willing to try.

Last Sunday I was asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting about reverence. And then this Sunday, I completely went against everything that I said. While the sacrament was being passed, a loud obnoxious ringtone went off. I was SO FRUSTRATED because I like to having some quite time during the sacrament meeting to pray and just think. But here was this annoying, loud ringtone and no one was talking ownership and shutting off the phone! I even said another quick prayer asking Heavenly Father to make the phone shut off so that we could enjoy some peace and quiet. Thankfully, after about 2 full minutes, the phone stopped ringing. But then, right when the water was being passed, it went off again! This time I was FURIATED. I couldn't understand who in their right mind wouldn't put their phone on silent for church. As I looked around the congregation, one of the recent converts, Em Linh, said to me, "Chi Kim Thu.. It's your phone.." Turns out that it was OUR PHONE that had been going off the whole time! I was soooo embarrassed. Here I was, praying that someone would shut their phone off so everyone else could enjoy sacrament meeting.. But I was the culprit!! It reminded me of a funny video on the church website about making sure everything is right with ourselves before we try to critizice someone else. 

The quote for this week would be... "Da để cho chị sắp xếp lịch và chị sẽ báo cho em nhé!" Which translates into, "Let me look at my schedule and I'll let you know!" AKA one of my least favorite things to hear. We had scheduled quite a few appointments with new people this week, only for them to cancel on us and say "they'll get back to us." Let's just hope and pray that they actually do!

On another note, I had to lead the music during Sunday School. Hymn #85, How Firm A Foundation. I forgot the tune and attempted to sing it to the tune of How Great Thou Art. It's fine, I'm fine, everything's fine.

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