Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tuần đầu tiên mà không có chị mẩn nghi

It has officially been 4 days since I have not been with my old companion, Chi Man Nghi. It's definitely different since we were together for 7 straight months, but it is fun being with my MTC comp, Chi Thu Hong :) 

This week really was full of miracles. Everything that happened just reminded me of how much Heavenly Father truly is watching over us because He loves us. Chi Thu Hong has only served in Saigon, so she doesn't know the Hanoi area or the people. I have definitely felt more than just a little bit of pressure and stress since being companions with her because I have to make sure we know where we're going and help her get to know the people. It was way overwhelming the first few days, but then as always, Heavenly Father blessed us in ways that helped me know that everything is going to be okay.

On Thursday and Friday, we received 3 different calls that led to us having 3 new investigators! I shouldn't count the eggs before they hatch (or however that saying goes) because we haven't met with 2 of them yet (those appointments are coming up this week) but hopefully by the end of next week we will be able to officially count them as investigators :)

And now, for the highlight of my week, TRUNG ANH GOT BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED. Trung Anh is one of my favorite people. She was the first investigator I ever taught here in Hanoi, way back on July 15th of 2016. It has been a long 7 months of teaching her, and we have definitely had our ups and our downs. But she has always been so devoted and converted to the gospel and has progressed so much. I really love her and am so happy that she is officially a member of the church :)

The quote for this week comes from one of my favorite security gaurds (i forgot his name..). Everytime we bike up the ramp to outside of the parking garage in our building, he shouts "Cố lên, cố lên, cố lên!!!!" This would translate into "go go go go!" We greatly appreciate his support because the ramp is pretty steep. He chanted this for us yesterday on our way out, and I got super pumped up and went super fast, only to hit a bump and have my water bottle go flying out. No worries, the water bottle didn't break, and he got a great laugh out of it.

But to those of you who are struggling right now.. Cố lên, cố lên, CỐ LÊN!!!

A big CẢM ƠN to all of you who email me and give me updates and pictures. I love hearing from everyone!

Hit my halfway mark on Saturday (TRUNG ANH'S BAPTISM) so as my dad says, "it's all down hill from here."

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