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Monday, June 19, 2017

This Sunday I was asked to say the closing prayer for sacrament meeting. Afterwards, this woman that was visiting came up to me and said, "Your Korean is amazing!!!!!!" :)))

On Thursday I was in a trio while chi Phuong was flying to Hanoi and chi Tam was flying to Saigon, which means I got my own phone for the whole day. While we were taking our nap (QUICK EXPLANATION! President Hassell changed up our daily routine. We now wake up at 5:30 and go to bed at 10:30. Because we wake up an hour earlier, he has us schedule in a 1 hour nap during the dead hours aka the afternoon when it is boiling hot and no one in the right mind is outside) I got a surprise phone call from Elizabeth/Chi Cuc!!! Remember my email about 2 weeks ago?? About the australian/vietnamese woman that contacted us at the coffee shop?? Well we put in a referral for her in Australia because she lives there, but she called me on Thursday saying that she was back in Saigon!!! I was just super pumped because that means I get to go see her again, but then we got an email through the referral system saying that they are handing her back over to us because she is planning on living in saigon now!! YAY!!!!!!!!! how amazing is that.

Once again, coffee shops are a missionary's best friend. Minus the part about the coffee because that's breaking the word of wisdom, but in all other aspects, they are a missionary's best friend.

As a general update, missionary life is pretty normal and pretty good. My new companion Sister Moss/Chi Tam is amazing. This morning she made us all crepes for breakfast so that's how you know she's a keeper. Our investigators are doing well, aside from the 2 that are out of town due to work. When they get back to Saigon they'll be doing well.

The quote from this week was one of the most amazing quotes I've ever heard from my best friend Hieu: "I have a happy full this life or I have a happy full forever life." When we have to think about choices, we need to consider them in an eternal perspective. If we choose the things of the world, sure, we will be happy. But that would result in just a "happy full this life." If we choose the things of the Lord, sure, we might have to sacrifice a few other things. But, we will have "a happy full forever life." When in doubt, just think about what you want. Do you want a happy full this life or a happy full forever life?
When it's 9:28 and you have to be home by 9:30!

When the branch asks you to help out in Primary and the little kids are monsters.  JKJK!!

That special feeling you get when someone compliments you on your Korean...

3rd wheeling with the Thao Dien district

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