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Monday, June 12, 2017

Yesterday was my 13th month mark, and the baptism of chi Phung!! What a good day. 


I promise the format of this email will be normal. No headaches for anyone who reads it this week.

This past week was definitely CRAZY. On Monday I went to Cambodia with my companion and Elder Huy to renew our visas. Unfortunately, after the long crazy journey, chi Phuong's visa didn't get renewed. This resulted in a last minute call on Thusrday saying that she was getting kicked out of the country to go to Hong Kong until Monday. She's still not back yet. SO this also means that I would be third-wheeling with the two sisters in the Thao Dien branch for 4 days. It was quite the adventure. My personal favorite activity was trying to weekly plan (this is when you set up tons of appointments and think about what lessons you need to teach to investigators and other members, set goals for the upcoming week, talk about how your past week went) by myself. the part for companionship inventory lasted about 3 seconds bc no companion.

My favorite part about being in a trio for the past 4 days was that on Saturday night we were out contacting at a mall. We stopped by the grocery store and ended up buying 3 giant pints of ice cream. 

Last night was also our transfer call! I will be staying in Saigon for another 6 weeks, and my new companion will be chi Tam from Hanoi. It's quite a change, and one that NO ONE was expecting, but it will be a fun 6 weeks!

Today I am third-wheeling it to the Thao Dien district pday, and the activity for the day is ice skating, which means we get to wear PANTS. I've officially decided that it's harder to bike in pants than it is in a skirt. I feel so bad for the elders.

The quote for this week would be: "It's either going to be really bad or just okay." This is basically mine and Chi Chau's new life motto. Whether your trying to bake brownies in a rice cooker, trying on a new outfit - this sentence applies to everything.

Thanks for all the emails and updates and pictures! Most of all thanks for sticking around and reading my emails even though they aren't that great.

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