Half a miracle is still a miracle

Monday, April 10, 2017

The first day that I got to Saigon, Chi Thuy Anh gave us 2 records of investigators they currently had that my companion and I would start teaching. One of those investigators told us she was going to the Philippines and wouldn't be back until May. The other investigator, Joseph, wouldn't answer us back - all 3 times that we tried to contact him. But then last Thursday, we received a call from our district leader who said another elder had received a prompting that we should try to contact Joseph again. we both figured there was nothing to lose, so we gave it a shot and called him again. No answer - so we texted him a short message. Then the next night at around 9:15pm, we received a call from Joseph! Turns out he didn't want to answer the phone because he didn't recognize our number, but after reading our text he decided to call us back! AND EVEN BETTER, he told us that he would be willing to meet with us on Friday of next week! WE WERE SO PUMPED - FINALLY, A LESSON. Here is when it turns into a half miracle: two days after, we were informed that he lives outside of our area because the boundaries got rearranged again, so the other sisters will be meeting him instead of us. So no appointment for us. I was super bummed when I found out we wouldn't be able to meet with him. I was feeling really jealous and upset because we haven't been able to teach any investigators and this was finally our opportunity to do so. BUT Heavenly Father's plan rules out my plan, and this is what will be best for Joseph. 

This week consisted of my companion and I flying to Hanoi for MLC, attending a vietnamese birthday party (my first one ever. Best part was that someone was announcing the program the whole time over a really loud microphone even though there were only 20 people there and we totally could have heard each other without it), setting up appointments with PI's, getting appointments with PI's cancelled, eating delicious vietnamese food, and best of all - WATCHING GENERAL CONFERENCE. All day Saturday and Sunday we watched General Conference at the church. It was AMAZING. My favorite talk was from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland in the Saturday morning session. The theme of his talk was emphasizing the line from a hymn, "Jesus listening can hear the songs I cannot sing". Sometimes in life, things come up that make it hard for us to have a good attitude or a positive outlook. We don't feel happy and have a warped perception that things will never get better. I have definitely felt that this past transfer. Being new to the area with a new companion and not having anyone to teach has been SUCH a struggle. There have been so many days where I just don't have a good attitude or feel like we will never be able to find anyone in our area. But I know that Christ knows how I feel - exactly how I feel. He knows the days that I'm struggling, and He knows the feelings that I have. And because He knows how I feel, I know for a fact that He knows how everyone else feels. He knows when we have bad days, when we can't get ourselves to think positively. He's not upset with it. He's sad that we are sad, but He knows He can help us overcome these feelings, these trials. He feels all the things we feel, understands all the things that go through our minds, and hears all the songs that we can't sing.

The quote for this week would be from my darling companion, Chi Phuong: "Do you think that by the time I get home they'll have new episodes of Say Yes To The Dress on Netflix?" This is what happens when you go contacting all day and have tons of time to talk. Yes, Chi Phuong, I sincerely hope they will have new episodes of Say Yes To The Dress on Netflix.

This is the building where Hailey lives.  Their apartment is on the 16th floor!

It rains hard in Vietnam!

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