Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sán Day

If I spelled the subject line correctly, that means "tapeworm". My companion and I currently believe that she has a tapeworm, because on Friday night we ate at Co Hang's house and Chi Man Nghi was still hungry afterwards. That's definitely not a normal thing, and the only explanation is that she has a tapeworm.

This week was a great one, and completely filled with miracles! Our mission has set some pretty high goals for the end of this year, and as we've been working hard to fulfill them we have seen a ton of miracles in our lives:

1. Last Monday, Chi Man Nghi and I went contacting at a bookstore before the branch Halloween party. We hadn't had much success and we were about to leave, when all of the sudden this adorable lady stopped us and wanted to talk! This NEVER happens. We're always the ones that have to try to start a conversation! But she was super interested in the work that we do here, and has even called us to meet again!

2. Friday, we went contacting at a zoo (these are a gold mine for finding families) and we met this guy who was there with his son. We didn't even have to try to tell him who we were, and he was the one that asked US for our phone numbers so that he could learn more! Once again, this NEVER happens!

3. Saturday, we went and visited with Bac Bon (refresher: she's my favorite old lady that sells tea on the side of the road). We finally convinced her to come to church last week because of the brownies, but as soon as we started talking to her on Saturday she said that she was going to go to church again the following day! And to top it off, she said that she wouldn't be selling any more on Sundays! I have to say it again.. this NEVER happens! 

This past Sunday was the first Sunday of the month, something that we call "Fast Sunday". We had our first mission-wide fast to help us fulfill our goals, and I know that we really receive the help of Heavenly Father because of this special fast. Chi Man Nghi and I tried to explain what fasting was to a nonmember, and it does seem a bit crazy. We basically told him that we are fasting to help someone else. How does that even make sense? Going without food and water for 24 hours to help another person - that doesn't quite line up. But, I know that when we fast for a special purpose, and make a sacrifice, Heavenly Father will bless us with the strength and wisdom that we need for whatever situation we may be in. Fasting truly does bring more blessings into our lives, as well as knowledge and guidance. So, no, maybe me going without food and water for 24 hours doesn't help another person directly. But I know that when I fast for a special purpose, Heavenly Father will help that other person for me, or find a way to do something for them. I've attached a link to a page on the website where you can read more about fasting and why we do it:

All in all, this week was amazing. I really do love the work that I get to do out here with all of the awesome missionaries that are in Hanoi. Thanks again for all the emails and pictures people send me, I love hearing about everyone's adventures!

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