Monday, November 28, 2016

I'm a mom :')

As of Wednesday night last week, Chi Man Nghi and I are training! Wednesday night, Chi Man Nghi and I came home from an appointment at around 9:30. Nothing out of the ordinary. I unlocked and opened the door to our apartment, and what do we see? My bathroom light is on, and a 7-foot tall, white, woman without a face is just standing in the bathroom doorway. We were scared OUT OF OUR MINDS. Turns out that the senior couple that lives in our building, the Noordas, have a spare key to our apartment. They had gotten in, planted a mannequin in the house, and then hid around the corner FOR AN HOUR waiting to videotape our reaction - talk about dedication. So, needless to say, we now have a third companion. Chi Man Nghi named her Peggy. She's currently standing in our living room.

This week was an awesome one, especially because of Thanksgiving. This year might have been the best Thanksgiving I've ever had. That night, we met with a new investigator, Chi Diệu. Chi Man Nghi and her old companion contacted Chị Diệu a long time ago, right before I arrived in Vietnam. We had planned out a lesson for her, and were only going to teach three principles - Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and prayer. But, she arrived with a ton of questions for us, and all were about the Restoration of the gospel! We ended up having one of the most amazing lessons I have ever had. At one part of the lesson, Chi Diệu began to cry, and said, "I don't know what I'm feeling - I don't know why I'm crying!" She is truly someone that Heavenly Father has prepared to hear about the gospel. She is so ready for everything that the gospel has to offer - I am so excited! 

I just wanted to take some time to bear my testimony about the Restoration. For those who are reading this and are not members, we believe that Joseph Smith was chosen by God to restore the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know with a surety that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ back when he was only 14 years old. I know with a surety that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon, and that it truly is the word of God. And, of course, I know with a surety that Heavenly Father is our loving father in heaven, who loves us more than we can possibly imagine. 

Here's the one quote of the week that is more accurate than anything I've ever heard:
"Chị dẹp hơn ở ben Mỹ" which translates into, "you were prettier in America". This was given by my darling recent convert, Em Linh, who always speaks her mind. Hahaha she is so cute, I love it. Props to being a sister missionary out in southeast asia!!!

I hope everyone had a great week and is setting up Christmas decorations!

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