Contacting with chopsticks

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My new companion, chi Chau, and I have served together now for.. 4 days. And we've already experienced the joy of using our God-given personalities in missionary work. Here's the story:

Saturday night we needed to go buy bread for a member and eat dinner, so we decided to go eat at the food court of a grocery store. I bought some American-looking pasta, and chi Chau bought Bun Thit Nuong but without the fish sauce. So just based off our food choices, you could tell we were foreigners (or maybe you could tell we were foreigners based off the fact that we're 2 feet taller than everyone). We bought our food and tried to find a place to sit. I made us take the first table we could find, because I didn't want to wait any longer to start eating. So we ended up sitting down at a table with one other woman, right next to the trash cans. It wasn't the best place to eat, but it would do. We start eating and just talking about our two next lessons that night - I'm using a fork and chi Chau is using a pair of chopsticks. All of the sudden, the woman sitting next to us says, "Miss, that wrong. That not right." and starts pointing at chi Chau. TURNS OUT chi Chau has been eating her noodles with one of the chopsticks UPSIDE DOWN! It was absolutely hilarious and looked so weird. But, because that sweet lady was kind enough to help chi Chau out, we were able to start a conversation with her and may possibly be meeting her this weekend to teach her the first lesson!!

So, lesson learned. Don't hide who you are, because Heavenly Father will use your personality and your gifts to help other people and introduce them to the gospel. If chi Chau had used her chopsticks properly, we may never have even started talking to that woman! While on the mission, I've heard a lot of things like, "Let God change you." That is entirely true - we should let God change things about us to help us become better people. But, we shouldn't let go of the things that make us who we are. There are some personality traits that we have been blessed with, things that God has blessed us with, to make us unique and allow us to help other people. While we want to change certain aspects of our lives to improve, we should always cling to the special gifts God has given us. It could be things like cracking jokes, talking a lot, singing all the time, not paying attention when eating and using chopsticks the wrong way. God always blesses us with little things, little habits, that make us unique. If we use those gifts, we will be able to help people in all sorts of ways.

Other than this funny contacting experience, we had a pretty good week! Our investigators are doing well for the most part, which is a huge blessing. The weather has been a little bit cooler, as in no longer 10000 degrees celsius. The food, as always, is the best.

I hope everyone has a good week!

These pictures have nothing to do with the week, but I didn't take any new photos.

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