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Monday, July 3, 2017

HAPPY early FOURTH OF JULY!!! I'm going to attach a picture of what last year's fourth of july was like back in the MTC, just for good memories.

Celebrating 4th of July at the Missionary Training Center (July 2016)

This fourth of July, I will be spending the whole day..... IN THE MISSION OFFICE for MLC. Yay. I'll stilll be sure to wear something patriotic to make Chi Cheney/Tuyet proud. 

This past week was a pretty good one - also pretty different because we had quite a few appointments with some catholic investigators! My whole time serving in Vietnam I haven't had any investigators that have had a religious background. Everyone that I've taught has never known anything about Christ before! So being here in Saigon with 2 catholic investigators and a catholic potential family has been absolutely crazy! We had a lesson with one of those investigators yesterday after church. To close the lesson, she prayed for our salvation and for God's help so that we could find the right path to Him. It was a very sweet prayer, and I'm really glad that at least one person is looking out for my salvation! We've been a little stuck with this particular investigator because she's not a fan of reading the Book of Mormon, so we agreed that we would read from the Bible every day if she would read from the Book of Mormon every day. Hopefully she'll learn to love the Book of Mormon as much as I love it! 

Having these catholic investigators has really opened my eyes about the lives of the missionaries serving in the states, where almost all of their investigators already have a religious background. You go, guys. Investigators with religious backgrounds are trickier than I thought! 

Saturday night, we had the first ever District Conference for Relief Society in Vietnam! It took place in Hanoi and was broadcasted to Saigon. Unfortunately, the internet connection wasn't the best, so we couldn't actually hear any of the talks that were given. My favorite part was when our mission president's wife gave a talk with some visual aids, such as a squash, rice, and a butter knife. It was so entertaining to try to figure out what she was talking about when she was trying to cut a squash with a butter knife.

The quote for this week comes from our ADORABLE investigator, Tinh, who will be baptized on the 23rd of July: "Ồ dạ, Sa Tan... Đó là Sophia, phải không?" which translates to, "Yes, Satan.. That's Sophia, right?" In Tinh's attempts to say "Lucifer" in english, it ended up coming out as "Sophia"! She's so cute. But, just a lesson for us all, don't let the temptations of Sophia get to you. She's a tricky one.

Thanks for all the emails, pictures, and updates! According to my dad, I'm slacking on the pictures and I need to find some better things. My apologies. I will be sure to step up my game.

Also, shoutout to the Vietnam Hanoi Mission missionaries who are reporting to the MTC this Wednesday! See you in two months :)

The bridge that we ride across 6x per day!

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