Monday, March 6, 2017

This past Monday, President Hassell surprised us with a transfer call! No one got transferred. BUT Chi Thu Hong and I did receive a new companion! Her name is Chị Trúc Ly - She's currently waiting for her Visa to go to the Provo MTC, and then from there she'll be off to the Japan Kobe Mission (shoutout to Elder McEwan). Being in a trio has definitely been challenging, especially since Chị Trúc Ly isn't familiar with any of the missionary rules, but we are doing our best to teach her :) 

Last night we had the opportunity to attend the Hassells' Eternal Marriages class with some of our potential investigators. During the class, they talked a lot about how the covenants we make when we are baptized apply to our marriage. When we are baptized, we promise to serve others by bearing their burdens, comforting them when they need comfort, and even crying with them when they need it (I'm not a big fan of that one because I don't like crying, but it's okay). When we are baptized, we promise those things with our Heavenly Father. But, in our family lives, we also need to promise each other those things. President and Sister Hassell then brought up the point that if we continue to do these things with our spouse, parents, siblings, or children, our relationships will improve. For me, I always focus on serving people OUTSIDE of my family. Buying chocolate for my friends when they're having a bad day, playing piano at the nursing home, etc. But last night made me realize that I was extremely lacking when it came to serving the people INSIDE my family, who in reality are the most important people! I would love to set a goal and commit myself to serving them more often, but I won't see them for another 8 months.. SO FAMILY, I promise that when I get home in November I will be serving you all like crazy. Until then, I get a break for 8 more months.

On Sunday we had an AMAZING first lesson with two new investigators, Cô Hoa and Em Khuê (mother and daughter). They remind me SO MUCH of when Chị Mẩn Nghi and I taught Cô Tâm and Em Linh. Cô Hoa truly is someone that Heavenly Father has prepared to accept the gospel. She loves everything about the church and is so willing to learn. And Em Khuê, who is only 9, is the cutest thing ever. Such a chatterbox and made the lesson so fun. Heavenly Father is preparing people all over the world to receive His gospel, and it is our job to help them receive it.

In other news, Chi Thu Hong and I biked to a member's house in 30 minutes this week. It normally takes us 1 hour, but we were running behind schedule and only had 30 minutes to get there. Heavenly Father definitely blessed us with strength to do that, no doubt, no doubt in my mind.

The quote for this week would be "Nói bằng tiếng Việt đi! Điều gì làm cho em bực bội?" (Speak in Vietnamese! What's making your frustrated?). Chi Thu Hong and I were taking a taxi over to the Hassells' home to pick up Chi Truc Ly, and I was a bit frustrated about something that had happened and was speaking English WAY fast with Chi Thu Hong. Then our taxi driver asked me to speak in Vietnamese so that he could help me feel less frustrated. Suprisingly, he had very good advice and was very comforting. 

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