Sunday, January 8, 2017

Tuần này khá là chán, xin lỗi

Not much happened this week other than the normal missionary work :)

BUT, some good news, my companion and I passed out ANOTHER Book of Mormon!! This makes a total of 3. We're getting up there :')

Since the weather in Hanoi right now has cooled down a lot, going contacting has been SUCH a struggle. There is less and less people outside because everyone thinks it's freezing, which forces us to contact inside stores and malls - which is a problem because if you talk to too many people, the employees will start to get suspicious. This week, we had the opportunity to go contacting outside at a park! That day was a bit warmer than normal, so people had come back out to exercise and what not (in the future I will send home a video of Vietnamese "exercise". It's hilarious). As we were walking, we started talking to three older women. While we were talking to them, one named Bac Thao started measuring my wrist size with her fingers because she couldn't get over how tall I was. It cracks me up with how obsessed people are here with my appearance!

This weeks quote comes from one of the other older women that we talked to: "Khi cháu sẵn sàng lấy chồng, báo cho Bác và Bác sẽ giới thiệu." (translation - "when you're ready to get married, let me know and I'll introduce you to someone). At least now I know that if things don't work out for me in the States, I can always return to Vietnam and get an arranged marriage.

My final news of the week....


To renew my Visa. Unfortunately I'll just be getting bussed to the border and then back, so I won't be able to see Sister Snooks or Chi Cheney. But it'll still be cool to go to a different country.

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